Research Project Singapore is an initiative of the Governance department at Utrecht University. The current research project marks the sixth edition. Twenty honour students will conduct field research on Sustainable Cities. Singapore is an excellent example of a sustainable city, being ranked as one of the most sustainable and innovative cities of the world. In order to ensure the highest quality research, the students will follow an extenisve program beforehand. Subsequently, the students start their six-weeks enduring field research in November. All students conduct research within the theme of Sustainable Cities, with the aim of answering the project’s research question.  The main research question of this project will be: How do innovation managers organize sustainable initiatives in Singapore within an urban context? Central to this we focus on how policy plans are put into practice. 

The Research Project offers the students a unique opportunity to gain international research experience. The insights gained through this research project will be brought back to the Netherlands, and will be internationally shared per scientific bundle. 

This website contains all the information regarding the project and how you can stay connected. Both beforehand and during the time in Singapore we will keep you updatedon the progress of the project. Click here to read more.


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Julius & Niels

Hello everybody, We are already getting used to the Dutch rain, wind and temperatures again, as it has been more than three weeks since we returned in our home country. In a few days, the concept version of our research should be handed in. Therefore, we are very busy...

Hugo & Marlou

Hi everyone, It is already two weeks ago since we left Singapore. After enjoying our Christmas holidays we are now starting to write down the results of our research. The perfect timing to tell you more about our stay in Singapore and how we collected our data....

David & Sean

At the moment of writing, we just spoke to our last respondent. What an enriching and amazing five and half weeks this have been. To freshen up your memory: our research concerns the public innovation capacity of the Singaporean government towards E-mobility (electric...


Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable city Singapore takes a central role within our Research Project. Therefore, it is linked to one of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely Sustainable Cities and Communities. For more information about the Sustainable Development Goals, go to the  website of Global Goals  or Utrecht4GlobalGoals.




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