Research Project Singapore is an initiative of the Department of Governance at the University of Utrecht. The current research project is the sixth edition. Twenty honour students will conduct field research on Sustainable Cities. Singapore is a significant example of a sustainable city. The city is ranked as one of the most sustainable and innovative cities of the world. In order to ensure the highest quality research, the students will be prepared extensively. Subsequently, the students start their six-week research in November.  The main question in this research will be: How do innovation managers organize sustainable initiatives in Singapore within an urban context? Central to this is how policy plans are put into practice.  The Research Project offers the carefully selected students an unique opportunity to gain international research experiences in another continent. The results of this study will return to The Netherlands and will be shared into a final product.


This website gives you all the information about the project and how you can be part of it. Before and during the time in Singapore we will keep you posted on the progress of the project. Click here to read more.



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